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Hellsing RPG Ads

Advertise your Hellsing RPG

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Welcome to Hellsing RPG Ads! The first, and only community, as far as I've seen, for Hellsing RPG Ads. As the name suggests, anyone that runs a Hellsing RPG may post here to advertise it!

There are just a few simple rules I ask that you follow.

1.) Do not post more that one ad in one day. Please wait 24 hours before submitting another RPG ad.

2.) All ads must be for Hellsing RPGs.

3.) The RPGs do not have to be on Livejournal. They may be on message boards or anywhere else you have them.

4.) Do not post large banners.

Please fill out this information for posting your RPG: (This is not mandatory, but may be helpful on giving you ideas of what to put in your post.)

RPG Name & URL:

(Manga based, Anime Based, or OVA Based.)

Format: (Livejournal, Aim, Msn, Message Board, etc.)

Contact: (RPG Master's contact Info: e-mail, journal, etc.)

Age Limit or Rating: (13+ or PG, etc.)

Game Info: (What you want people to know about the RPG before they go to it. Put this under a cut.)

Needed Characters: (If the list is lengthy, put this under a cut.)

Read everything? Great! Go ahead and join and post your RPGs!


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